1970's Recreation Coupons

Like a Dollar, only not!

In the early days of Walt Disney World, 'Recreation Coupons' were created and were given to VIPs and other park Guests.

Unlike the 1930's Cones dollars, each coupon had a unique serial number and has the printed signature of the Chairman of the Board of Disney at the time, Roy O. Disney, printed on the obverse.

These bills are larger than US currency, and were only issued in $1 notes denominations. However it differs from the actual Disney Dollar as it has no cash value.

These coupons were issued ONLY in 1971 and 1972 (To celebrate Walt Disney World opening in Florida in October of 1971.)

The 1972 series coupons are rarer than the 1971 series, as more of the first year were issued. There are far less of the 1972 versions in circulation.

They were only useable at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, not at the Disneyland Resort in California.

Although not officially called Disney Dollars, these coupons are considered the precursor to today's Disney Dollar.

These coupons are for the true Disney collector!

1971 Recreation Coupon - Front

1971 Recreation Coupon - Back

1972 Recreation Coupon - Front

1972 Recreation Coupon - Back