1987 Anaheim Pre Release

Including Cast Members Letter

Below is an original letter and complimentary $1 bill given to all castmembers employed by Disney in April 1987 (I've been collecting Disney Dollars for the last 10 years, and in all of this time, I've never seen or heard of any mention of one of these letters.)

The letter is dated April 29th 1987, so is prior to the general release date to the public. The original $1 bill supplied with it has a serial number of A1027845.

Assuming that A1 is the code for Anaheim $1 bill (A2 is the code for Anaheim $5 bills), then this is an early bill numbered 27,845.

All of the first day covers released on 5th May 1987 containing $1, are in the A1106000 serial number range.

Ron Dominguez (The signature on the letter) was the Vice President of Disneyland in 1987. His family lived on the land bought by Walt Disney in 1954, where Disneyland Resort California now stands! He went on to become the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney attractions (West Coast). He retired in August 1994.

Cast Member Letter

1987 First Edition 'A' Series (Front)

1987 First Edition 'A' Series (Back)

Below is the earliest and lowest serial number, 1987 First Release $1 this I have ever seen or that I have collected. 

Like the cast member version above, the serial number starts with A10 and not A11, so this is far more likely to have been an early cast member's dollar, rather that a First Day Release.

1987 First Edition 'A' Series (Front)

1987 First Edition 'A' Series (Back)