1987 Florida Pre-Release

Including Cast Members Letter

Below is an original letter and complimentary bills given to all castmembers employed by Disney in September 1987

(I also have the 1987 Anaheim version of the letter)

The letter is dated September 24, 1987, so is prior to the general release date for the new bills to the public at the Florida park..

The original $1 bill supplied with it has a serial number of D00423096A and the $5 has a number of D100102045A

The letter is signed by Dick Nunis, who I believe was the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World and Disneyland at the time.

Cast Member Letter


1987 First Edition 'D' Series (Front)1987 First Edition 'D' Series (Back)

1987 First Edition 'D' Series (Front)1987 First Edition 'D' Series (Back)

Also, here is a copy of the front of the original $1 bill envelope. (Very different from the modern versions)

Original Disney Dollar Envelope