2001 El Capitan Theatre

Special Edition Design - Commemorative Dollar

Not strictly a Disney Dollar, but worthy of a mention,is the El Capitan Theatre $1 Bill.

They were printed and made available for sale during 2001 only. All bills prodduced have a short 5 digit serial number and are prefixed with an 'A'

Disney joined forces with Pacific Theatres in 1989 to begin a 2 year archeological dig and museum grade restoration of the original theatre (which opened on May 3rd 1926 as "Hollywood's First Home of spoken drama"). This bill was produced to commemorate the completion of the restoration work

On the reverse of the bill is states, "El Capitan Dollars may be redeemed only at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood and are valid for admission concessions, and merchandise only at Disney produced films or shows"

The bill design has a basic copy protection method. If you look carefully at the line at the top of the front of the bill, you will see it is made up of a repeating line of text saying 'ELCAPITANTHEATREELCAPITANTHEATREELCAPITANTHEATRE..............'

Integrated Copy Protection

2001 El Capitan 'A' Series (Front)
2001 El Capitan 'A' Series (Back)