2005 $50 Disney Dollars

$50 Bills - The only year produced


Mid 2005 saw the FIRST and LAST production runs of a $50 version of the Disney Dollar:-

In fact there were TWO different versions.......

The first series shows a full face and Shoulders Mickey Mouse in a tuxedo, with Yellow Bow tie. This version of the notes was available from Disney Land, Anaheim 'A' and Walt Disney World Resort, Florida 'D') - I have seen a tiny number examples where the 'D' version is signed by the artist, but normally they will be unsigned.

I believe that ONLY 25,000 of these were made for each park!

The second version is an incredible 'Special Edition' series and was designed and drawn by Charles Boyer, Disney's Master Artist. The release was to mark his retirement from Disney).

It shows a full figure of Mickey Mouse (as drawn in 2005), looking into a mirror, showing a reflection of Mickey from the 1930s. This in an incredible design.

These alternative design "special Edition" bills will either have a special 'B' prefix or for the ones released later at Walt Disney World Resort, will have a 'D' serial prefix.

It is my understanding that only 2000 of the 'B' version were ever made, and 1,500 of the 'D' version.

The 'B' versions were first made public on Saturday, July 16th, 2005 in the WDW Florida Park, and those lucky enough to be in the park ON THAT DAY, would have had the opportunity to have the bill signed in person by Charles Boyer. (The remainder of these bills with the higher serial numbers that were not bought on the day were sold as normal in the park, but remain unsigned!)

Due to the larger face value of these notes and the small number of each printer, ALL of these bills are RARE and fetch from $250 dollars for an unsigned 'A' or 'D' to $600-$800 for an unsigned 'B'.

A signed 'B' Boyer bill is EXTREMELY RARE, and currently feth WELL over $1,500 for a low serial number version

I don't currently have any of my own examples of these $50 bills, so a HUGE thanks to Leslie from Modesto, CA for sending me the scans of his Boyer bills, and Keith from New Orleans, LA for allowing me to use copies of his $50 'A' bill on my site.

Disney Land, Anaheim
WDW, Florida
Boyer Special Edition
2005 $50 2005 'A' $50 Bill Obverse (Front)
2005 'A' $50 Bill Reverse (Back)
Don't have one YET!
Don't have one YET!
Does Not Exist.
Does Not Exist.
2005 $50
Does Not Exist.
Does Not Exist.
2005 'D' $50 Bill Obverse (Front)
2005 'D' $50 Bill Reverse (Back)
2005 'B' $50 Bill Obverse (Front)
2005 'B' $50 Bill Reverse (Back)