2013 Villains and Heroes Series

*** ERROR on Cruella Note ***


I have learned today (19th January 2013) that Disney has withdrawn the $1 Cruella bill from further sale.

There has been alot of speculation and MANY posting about the reasons why. (One theory was that the image shows Cruella holding a cigarette.)

My understanding is that the bill has been withdrawn from sale because of a printing error in ALL currently available stocks of the bill.

If you look at the reverse of the bill in question, there does appear to be a spelling mistake.

The wording on the ribbon under Pongo and Perdita reads "101 DALMATIONS". The correct spelling should be "101 DALMATIANS".

Error Details

I've checked the bills I currently have from Anaheim and Florida, and both parks have the same mistake.

It's not clear at the moment, if there will be another corrected run, or if the bill will just simply be withdrawn and not replaced.

What I do know though is that if you do have one of these, "HANG ONTO IT!!!!"